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Let's talk burgers!

First of all, Mama starts every burger off with 100%, flavorful and lean ground beef. It's a hearty and satisfying 1/3 lb. of lightly seasoned beef. The burgers are char-broiled for that smoky flavor and heat that seals the juices in while keeping the fat out. I have my own ideas of what a good burger could be, but if you have your own ideas, I'll make it for you- as long as I can get the ingredients! Topping choices will include (but not limited to) crisp veggies, sauteed veggies, crisp bacon, a slew of sauces and a variety of cheeses like Swiss, Mozzarella, American, pepper jack and cheddar. 

Keep reading... it gets better!

Below is a list of Mama's suggestions and why:


The JETHRO:  This is a big time favorite! Of course, you've got the juicy burger but then I add a good-sized slice of roast beef, sauteed sweet onions and 2 slices of pepper jack cheese. If you want the full effect of this burger you'll stick with the BBQ sauce and touch of mayo.

MAMA'S MUSHROOM & SWISS: A-1 on one side, mayo on the other side, sauteed & buttery mushrooms, raw sweet onions & Swiss cheese. (Below left)


THE KIDD BURGER:  Shown above right; You can see we don't skimp on the crisp bacon! It also has onion rings, honey BBQ & mayo!

We don't want to give away all our secrets so visit us at at our next event to choose from the full selection of imaginative options!


The Pig-wings... aahhhh! Savory, succulent pork with the convenience of a bare-bone handle! It's slow roasted so I have to be careful when I pull one out for you because it just falls off the bone! You can take them in their mouthwatering, natural juices or smother 'em in one of our amazing sauces!