Mama's Soup Coupe, LLC

There's one main ingredient in every dish- The Taste of Home!

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     Mama's Soup Coupe. LLC is proud to serve homemade meals, soups and casseroles with healthy and pure ingredients from traditional family recipes. Whether you're enjoying a Pow Wow, a festival or having lunch catered, you can know that I will bring you delicious food that's good for you and at an affordable price!     

     It is the mission of Mama's Soup Coupe, LLC to avoid processed goods so I can offer fresh meats and vegetables from the most local butchers and farmers. I believe in the power of community and will use the services of our neighbors first. It is also my pledge to treat every customer with prompt, friendly and courteous service from the cleanest concession trailer.

I am Christina Myers. My family and I live in Halifax, PA and enjoy Peter's Mountain and all it has to offer, as much as possible.

My recipes were generally learned from my mother, Bonnie. I get my love of cooking from her! She kept her best recipes in her head and I learned how to cook by watching and helping her. She could whip up a meal to feed an army and set a fresh pie down for dessert on any given day. We had large gardens and put away food every year by canning and freezing. I still have gardens today and I firmly believe that Mother Nature gave it to us best! Please visit Mama's Soup Coupe, LLC at our next event so you can enjoy food the way it was meant to taste!